Midway Men’s Club

This is Joe. Joe loves beer. Joe loves beer so much that he has “BEER ME” tattooed on his knuckles. Joe also works at Lift Bridge and just so happens to also love the $2 burgers and $3 beers at the Midway Men’s Club. Its been at the State Fair since the ’60’s, taking the spot from the St. Columba Men’s Club who had it prior. Run by volunteers who use the funds from the State Fair to make donations to Youth Activities like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the Midway YMCA and inner-city athletics. The favored concession stop is a standout because they haven’t changed their prices. No joke. Sweet rolls, donuts, hot dogs, hamburgers, Polish sausages, bratwurst, hot dog sandwiches, you name it – it’s a steal. They also have $1 sodas and $3 beers. Not as ostentatious as other stands but totally worth grabbing a hamburger and Farm Girl at. Just think of all the neighborhood organizations you’ll be supporting!



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