Silo Ice Cream Parlor MNbucketList-er is a one stop, two parts kind of place. A roadside ice cream shop combined with an antique store. The Silo Ice Cream Parlor, open May through October, serves up 16 flavors of old fashioned Kemps with a featured flavor listed on the yellow freestanding sign outside every day. Built in 1938, just off Hwy 10 in Motley, the silo is a local landmark. It’s hard to miss, with all the crazy decorations outside. From the timeworn wood carvings, neon marquees all lit up or even the life size deer and Kemp’s cow, ushering you inside. Sitting in the most central map dot in the state, it’s a perfect place to stop whether you’re headed east to Brainerd / Gull Lake, west to Wadena / Detroit Lakes, South to the  Twin Cities or north, like me, to Nevis / Akeley / Park Rapids. Oh, and behind the counter, that’s Judy. Much like the treats she divvies, she’s the sweetest.


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