Endless Bridge (Guthrie Theater)

11165202_1099570226750017_734324769650652460_oAs we venture into the bitter cold of January, don’t be afraid to get outside, even if it’s just stepping out long enough to take in an incredible view. My favorite? The Endless Bridge at the Guthrie Theater. One of the longest cantilevers (protruding structure only anchored at one end) in the world, the Guthrie’s Endless Bridge was designed by architect Jean Nouvel and completed in June 2006. An observatory in the most contemporary sense, hangs over the West River Parkway and overlooks the Mississippi River falls, the Stone Arch Bridge, St. Anthony Falls and a number of historic landmarks that tell a story of Minnesota’s beginnings. Inside the Guthrie you’ll also see windows that each give a differing perspective of the directional skylines, much like the Amber Box located on the ninth floor in the Dowling Studio Lobby.



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