Lift Bridge Brewing Co.

Located in Stillwater, ‘Minnesota’s birthplace’, Lift Bridge Brewing Co just so happens one of my favorite partnerships of the #mnbucketlist. Outside, everyone playing bags while talking and drinking and as you come into the Taproom, you’re immediately welcomed as if you’ve walked into someone’s den. Board games, log furniture, warm colors, this place has such a ‘make yourself at home’ atmosphere.

They have such a great story, too. With lineage to Milwaukee’s brewing, Brad and a few of his friends hobbied as homebrewers, perfecting recipes and inviting neighbors to join in and partake. As the crowd grew, as did the expectation. Founded in 2008, it was contract brewed at Flat Earth Brewery in St. Paul, with the ultimate goal to have their own brewery in Stillwater. The brewery, as it stands opened in 2010 and became Stillwater’s first brewery since Prohibition. Farm Girl is the most recognizable to the general public and was the first beer they ever produced and still their most popular. Fun fact, it was named for Brad, one of the owners, wife . They also have Hop Dish, Crosscut and Chestnut Hill year round and seasonal and limited releases like Getaway Pilsner, Minnesota Tan, Commander English-style barley wine and the Silhouette Russian imperial stout. OH and they have a mini donut beer that was featured at the MN State Fair.

Lift Bridge has distribution reach throughout MN, WI and ND and while they focus on beer, they do so much more. Community focused and founded, Lift Bridge pays homage to the city it resides in more than nearly any other brewery I’ve seen. You would be hard pressed to find a place more committed to their roots. I am so very proud to know them and have the privilege of working with them.

Catch a glimpse of our MN State Fair adventure below.

Drink Your Way Through the MN State Fair with Lift Bridge