Let me start by saying, I adore ninetwentyfive.
Paying homage to its address on Lake Street…
you can enter the restaurant though a corner street-side door, or stroll through the lobby of The Landing…
Wayzata’s first hotel to open in decades, and take in the warm fireplace and beautiful decor.
Inside, you’ll find a two floors, neither short on cozy or intimate. The centerpiece being the spatially exceptional bar that can be seen from any table.
Ninetwentyfive is the perfect place for incredible breakfast favorites with a twist like brioche French toast with bananas, Nutella and toasted walnuts or roasted apple crepes with salted caramel sauce and creme fraiche.
Since we came for a casual lunch, I was lucky enough to try the fresh spaghetti with arugula-pumpkin seed pesto with cherry tomatoes and fried ricotta.
It was even more delectable than it sounds. For dessert, we went with the sweet corn crème brûlée with blueberry compote and caramel corn.
It was absolutely divine.
Modern, elegant, innovative, comforting and satisfying with impeccable presentation, ninetwentyfive certainly tops my list.

Lake Minnetonka

The frozen sunrise is incredible when viewed over Minnesota’s ninth largest lake, Lake Minnetonka. With 125 miles of shoreline, it’s easy to find a beautiful vantage point. This particular spot is Wayzata Bay off Lake Street in Wayzata looking towards Cedar Point.


Mazda / The Hotel Landing 

Recently, I got the chance to take the All-New 2017 Mazda CX-5 for a spin. With it’s deeply vivid, Soul Red Crystal Metallic color complementing every curve and angle creating a sense of motion, even at a standstill, I chose to go to “The Gateway to Lake Minnetonka,” Wayzata, Minnesota to see a place that equaled the CX with state-of-the-art technology and all the comfort, style and luxuries a single experience could have, the Hotel Landing. Just 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis, Wayzata’s first hotel in 53 years opened June 2017. Hotel Landing has 92 rooms, 31 condos, has Ninetwentyfive – a two-story restaurant, and a serene Nordic-inspired spa, Läka Spa, inspired by Minnesota’s Nordic Heritage. It combines elements of modern and classical European architecture for an airy, coastal infusion. Located on Lake Street, this luxurious boutique hotel will be a favorite for wedding ceremonies and receptions. It was the perfect backdrop and accompaniment to Mazda’s CX-5. A big thanks to Mazda for their incredible hospitality!

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District Fresh Kitchen + Bar

While I typically brunch on the weekends, there is nothing like escaping the typical work day during the winter. Since Sunday is my day to plan out my week, it only makes sense to give you a place to escape this weeks grind. District Fresh Kitchen + Bar, located in the beautiful up-and-coming area called The Promenade of Wayzata, is a new favorite of mine. It is brought to you by Anoush Ansari of Hemisphere Restaurants Partners, the restaurateurs who own Mission American and the Tavern Grill Restaurants in Edina, Blaine and Woodbury.

Filled with healthy, organic food created with sustainably sourced ingredients from farms and suppliers within a 300-mile radius, it’s easy to see why District is a hit. And they are in good company, with CōV just around the corner and6Smith down the street. I like to include mimosas in my brunch lineup, and maybe you do too, or you can try any number of their cocktails made from local distilleries. Or just orange juice, or coffee, whatever. I fell head over heels for the open atmosphere and clean lighting but that is least of the reasons for you to visit.