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My name is Jessica. I am a professional in the Business Operations space, a freelance editorial writer, and photographer (see below) who loves to share stories about my adventures. I spent my formative years on a resort in Nevis, MN in the Paul Bunyan State Forest. It has given me a deep love of Paul Bunyan of course, and the Northwoods. I have since lived in Mankato and many of the towns in between, finally settling into the hustle and bustle that is the Twin Cities. I love to immerse myself in all that both cities have to offer, although my small town upbringing has inspired me to venture out and get to know greater Minnesota. The Minnesota Bucket List has given me a platform to do just that.

I am a Minnesotan. Vegetarian. Self-Proclaimed Paul Bunyan Expert. Bucket Listing Savant. Content Marketing and Social Media Pundit. About Town Appreciator. Dramatic Arts Lover. Workaholic. Grilled Cheese Fanatic. Bleeding Heart. Thrift-Shop Junkie. Mediterranean Food Cognoscente.  Documentary Hoarder. Pinner Extraordinaire. Industrial Metal Music Zealot. Punctual Dreamer. Environmental Helpmate. Volunteering Lifer. Animal Lover and Community Activist. Logical Researcher. Feminist. Humanist.

I’m just crossing things off my Bucket List… and trying to save the world, of course. 

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