Yum! Kitchen and Bakery

Numero Uno choice in cupcakes, for me is Yum! Kitchen and Bakery.

The name says it all, really it does. If I bring a Yum! cupcake anywhere – I get the same reaction, “Yum!”.

!”. I fell head over heels for the chocolate raspberry yogurt cupcake. oh em gee. I’ve been lucky enough to try a huge array of flavors.

Anytime someone spends the day with me; going shopping, movies, sightseeing bucket listing… etc. They always know I’m going to get them into a cupcake shop.

Yum! has a specialty flavor every day and the only way to find out is to stop in and try it. Banana Bread, Red Velvet, Chocolate Raspberry, Peanut Butter Cup, Banana Blueberry… too many to count.

This scrumptious little patisserie doesn’t just have a clever name, it’s the birthplace of the sugary exclamation!

Aside from delicious pastries, Yum! Kitchen and Bakery offers some of the best salads and sandwiches.

Come on in to feast on the fancy schmancy tuna melt, dill egg salad, szechuan salmon, matzah ball soup, or the lobsta club.

One thing that sets Yum! apart is that they are seasonal, use local ingredients and make everything on-site.

Before they open, the team gets ready for the breakfast. During the day while the restaurant is bustling above, they are making cakes in the basement. After they close, bakers come in and bake bread and past the baton to the pastry chefs who prepare all the baked goods.

Absolutely amazing.

If you are ready to dive in, top of the cupcake first, you’ll find them in Minnetonka, St. Louis Park and St. Paul.

Olde Main Eatery 

When it comes to hospitality and graciousness, Olde Main Eatery in Elk River makes the top of my list.

I have, on very good authority, heard it called the best place for breakfast in the northwest metro, and I couldn’t agree more.

A casual, homey, small town place where you can feel right at home. The moment you walk in, you feel like a local.

If you love generous portions and down-to-earth staff, this is your place.

I fell in love with all the historic photos, newspaper clippings and postcards on the wall that hold the story of the area and the location.

. And, although the premise behind the Bucket List is to constantly try new things, I know this won’t my last stop to Olde Main.

While they do have a line out the door on a Sunday after church service, don’t be deterred.

They will always find a spot for you.

Two Loon Candy – Muskie Waters Co

img_8703If you are a long time follower, you know I already know my love of all things Nevis, MN.

img_8735Every time I’m in the area, I make it a point to stop at Chop-n-Pop’s Bakery, the Little Dorset Shop, and Zorbaz.

img_8707Now, I have another place to add to the list. Enter, Two Loon Candy, brought to you by the same group that owns Muskie Waters Coffee Shop and Shenanigan’s Gifts, Family Fun and Old Time Photos just up the street.

img_8728In Nevis’ oldest building, a block off Hwy 13, just off Main Street, this is my new favored place for fudge, saltwater taffy, and old-fashioned candy by the pound.
img_8729If saccharine-filled treats aren’t your thing, don’t worry, they have you covered.
img_8737You’ll find puzzles, games for road trips and even kid kits for days when going outside isn’t an option. Perfect for all kinds of days you could encounter going to / being at the cabin.

img_8727If you are headed up north but don’t want to leave decadence behind, stop in for a slice of U.G.L.Y. cheesecake! Before you ask, it stands for ‘Uncommonly Good, Light, Yet…..still Cheesecake’. Real thing. Highly recommend.


Junquemonger Sales Outlet

Are you into trinkets, baubles, and collectibles of all kinds?

How about vintage and retro with a side of mid-century?

If you answered yes, look no further than the Junquemonger Sales Outlet.

“Junk-monger,” as it’s aptly pronounced, is located in Two Inlets, a tiny town outside of Park Rapids that my family knows quite well.

Don’t let the unassuming storefront fool you.

The shelves are littered with a collection of old-school board games, hand-painted 70’s ceramics, siamese cat figurines, eclectic salt-and-pepper shakers, swung vases, stained glass, sombreros, and pyrex of all shapes and sizes.

Their vinyl record section alone got so much of my attention that I ignored all other conversations to scour the bins in hopes of finding a handful of needed treasures (and I did!).

Maybe your collection is overflowing and you are looking to consign, they do that, too.

Just give owners, Cindy or Bob Hanson a call.

If you aren’t able to visit in person, check out Junquemonger’s eBay store or one of their live auctions on Instagram and Facebook.

I highly recommend!