What is #MNBucketList?

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

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The #MNBucketList (Minnesota Bucket List) is a collective way to be a better, more active participant in your own {Minnesota} life.

After having gone through rough periods, and times where I felt disconnected from myself, I made a conscious decision to start truly self-reflecting. I began to notice that I was doing the same thing day in and day out. Days often blending together without much change. Being alive, without really living. Rather than surrounding myself with a lot of culture and connections, I was living a life full of monotony and routine. All the same places, seeing the same people, doing the same activities… I had been so shifted and folded into different places during my childhood and early twenties that I hadn’t been taught to look around and hug the wild life I’d been afforded. And while that it fine for some, it no longer was for me.

When I started to venture out of my comfort zone, I quickly realized that I didn’t know the world I was standing in. As soon as I took a step back and decided to try to embrace the culture I was part of, the streets I walked on every day, the businesses I frequented, the murals I walked past; I was really changed. It was then that I started, what would later become the ‘Minnesota Bucket List’. It has become a way to photograph and document the world we live in. The community we have yet to be a part of. The environment you miss, hidden in these places we walk by, that go unnoticed. It was a place for me to express and share my Minnesota experiences. Everything from history to geology to food and architecture; all aspects of Minnesota. All these parts of the state that are frequently overlooked.

If you’ve been a follower since the beginning of TheAdaptedLife.com, you know that the #MNBucketList has gone through a lot of changes. What started as a post-it note list of things that looked interesting, has transformed into something bigger. Bigger than just one person.

Since I started, I soon found that others fell in love with the idea and wanted to do it too. They’ve wanted to try to experience all the things that I was experiencing. Every restaurant, church, monument, historical marker, roadside attraction. All of it. Everyone wanted to absorb the same things I did and part of me felt like this was what made me feel whole, it was developing a community of people that wanted to feel as though they were part of the community. I don’t know that it will ever be completely finished as I’m always discovering new restaurants, festivals, shows, places to go, things to see, etc. Old favorites close and new rave-reviewed spots emerge. You meet a new person and they add twenty things you’ve never heard of. After a lot of thought and research, it was clear that I wanted a list of everything – not just tailored to a Vegan / Vegetarian or Foodie, Sports Enthusiast or Musician, Homebody or Adventurer, Parent or College Student, City Mouse or Country Mouse.

Today, the list itself is fluid. Ever-changing, progressing and developing. It had been nothing short of an awakening. I post new things all the time, so check back often.

What’s on your #MNBucketList?

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