Late Nights Minneapolis 

Is being front-and-center at a live, late night comedy show on your bucket list? Great! I have just the thing! Late Nights Minneapolis is the city’s only fully-staged late-night style talk show and comedy experience. If that sounds like an extremely specific description, it is, because the show is the only one of it’s kind. Hosted by Joe Rapp of Bearded Men Improv and co-hosted by John Gebretatose of BLACKOUT, Late Nights features a group of improvisers, sketch comedy writers, stand-up comedians, and actors with a love for Minneapolis and a dying need to be the funniest person in the room. They come together to create the smartest, silliest comedy in Minneapolis! Sketch comedy, biting satire, and amazing guest segments – it is the best late-night show that’s not on TV. Back for their third season, you can check out Late Nights Minneapolis on the third Sunday of every month at the Phoenix Theater.

Busy on October 15th? If not, come see Late Nights one night only all sketch show; The Halloween All Sketch Spookathon! In honor of the spookiest month all year, you can even wear a costume! You can get tickets online or snag them at the door.

Annie’s Parlour

Annie's Parlour Dinkytown Minneapolis Minnesota

Up next is Annie’s Parlour, a Dinkytown landmark – an institution, if you will. If you’ve ever taken a tour of the University of Minnesota campus it’s likely that you were told about Annie’s. Known for their crispy, hot fries and malts that are big enough for two, Annie’s is as American fanfare as it gets. If you were a U grad, it’s likely that this classic in Gopher territory holds a special place in your heart. If you haven’t been, just imagine a rustic diner with a casual atmosphere that has you paying at the hostess stand. Perk: on a brisk fall day, this Minneapolis gem has the perfect patio to soak in the beautiful views of downtown from.

coup d’état

Unfortunately, on the Minnesota Bucket List sometimes instead of introducing you to a new place I end up telling you that one is bidding farewell. Soon to be replaced by a new Pourhouse, Uptown’s Coup d’ e’tat is a stunning, upscale restaurant that includes both upper and lower levels, spanning over an incredible 9000 square feet. Hands-down one of the largest restaurants I’ve ever been in.  With a stellar location, close to Stella’s Fish Cafe, Calhoun Square and the Lagoon Cinema,  Coup d’ E’tat has become a fixture on Restaurant Week, attracting trendy clientele with its excellent presentation and outdoor patio seating on both floors that overlooks Lagoon Avenue.

The phrase “coup d’etat” typically refers to a violent government overthrow,  rebellion, revolution, uprising. Fitting for a place that is reminiscent of a pre-colonial hideout. With its dark lit, stunning ambiance, elegant furnishings and sparkling chandeliers, the restaurant is best known for their one of a kind and unique cocktails, for which it made Food & Wine magazine’s list of Best Cocktail Bars in the United States.  Serving everything from creative pasta dishes, bacon popcorn, Arctic Char, cheese curds, succotash, tempura battered frog legs to bone marrow with gremolata, Coup d’ e’tat has something for everyone.

Opening just a short time ago in 2014, it is set to close Oct 1st ,2017. That’s right, tomorrow. If it is anything like the Pourhouse Downtown, you can expect a nightclub atmosphere with concerts and dance parties. If you would like to catch a glimpse of Coup d’etat and experience it for yourself, get it fast before this icon is closed!


Airy, warm, cozy Minnesota days like today deserve a beautiful place to spend them. Enter MERCY at the Le Meridien Chambers hotel in downtown Minneapolis. Nestling into the former home of Marin Restaurant & Bar, and D’Amico Kitchen before that, Mercy is named after youngest daughter of co-owners Abby Rakun and Chef Mike Rakun’s. The stunner opened just over a month ago with a focus on casual and comfortable. From the surf board high top near the bar, and the perfect-for-a-shoe-photo mural on the floor upstairs to the ever-popular downstairs Hemingway-meets-Fitzgerald Library Bar that is wrapped in warm wood tones and backlit books, Mercy is the place to go.

Whether you come for a special occasion in the Chef’s Table, a 5-course interactive experience in the kitchen, the Art Ballroom or the Gallery; or for the outdoor ambiance with spots like Mercy’s Rooftop, complete with downtown views or the coveted Courtyard… let me tell you about the Courtyard. Spacious, semi-private, with a huge full bar and fire pit. You wouldn’t guess you’re sitting on one of the busiest city streets.

While I could go on and on about the atmosphere, I’ll just go straight to the food. King crab grilled cheese on a brioche, old school cheeseburgers with special sauce and gouda, oyster po’ boy sliders, hot pastrami sandwiches or beer can chicken with dirty rice, I mean, wow. The plating alone deserves an award!  They also serve copious amounts of seafood, so it’s no surprise there is a full oyster bar in the main room, where you can watch them being shucked. Oh, and their garlic bread, don’t even think about passing it up.

When it comes to drinks, I have a few I’d recommend. For the adventurous herb lover, I would try the Dill Caipirinha, a blend of dill Aquavit, lime, and orange bitters. If you want to stay classic, try the refreshing land of the palm trees filled with lime and Earl Giles pomegranate passion fruit. For the trendy hipster, try the urban sombrero made with Minnesota’s own Bauhaus Wonderstuff, served upside down in a clear tiki glass. Finally, you really can’t go wrong with a strawberry cosmopolitan with hints of lime, orange and cranberry.