Dalton and Wade

When it comes to whiskey, Dalton and Wade on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis is where it’s at.
A neighborhood gathering spot that boasts over 200 American whiskeys and meat galore.
Think smoked meats, shrimp and grits, pimento cheese toast, crispy chicken, hushpuppies, and cornbread biscuits with sorghum butter.
And for dessert, you cant forget the apple pie and banana pudding.
With nods to the Western bar theme, the restaurant is named after the main characters in the 80’s cult classic Roadhouse.
If you aren’t familiar: Bouncers played by Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott save a nightclub in a small Missouri town.

The 4,000-square-foot rustic, industrial-chic restaurant comes complete with a horse and cowboy mural by local artist Carter Averback and a chandelier made from vintage leather belts.

Quick note: It can be a little hard to find the place. It’s in the new T3 building behind Déjà Vu.

Rise Bagel Co.

Can we talk about Rise Bagel Co. for a second? Owned by sisters, Jen and Kate Lloyd, Rise Bagel has been a mainstay at farmers markets and pop-ups since 2014. Their Everything bagel was named one of City Pages’ “100 Favorite Dishes” in 2015. Rise opened this year in the North Loop neighborhood. The building, dating back to 1916, was originally a candy factory operated by Roach Tisdale. Specializing in old-world, traditional bagel-making techniques, Rise adds their own modern twist. This one? It’s called Pop Art. An open faced toasted plain bagel, topped with buttercream frosting and strawberry preserve, with a dusting of sprinkles. I know, right?!

Relighting the Grain Belt Sign

Welcome to 2018! A great way to open the new year is through bright, shiny, glowing lights! Enter the relighting of the forever iconic Grain Belt Beer Sign!
Grain Belt beer was originally produced by the Minneapolis Brewing Company which formed in 1891. Later produced in the still standing Grain Belt Brewery in Minneapolis, Minnesota until 1976. After prohibition ended, the large billboard was built and erected in 1941 on Nicollet Island for $5,000, remaining a glowing paragon until 1996.
After Grain Belt finally found a new home with the August Schell Brewing Co., the sign was partly financed to Schell’s “Buy a Bulb” program. This Minneapolis landmark joins the recently resurrected glowing signs pressed against the Mississippi skylines.