Olde Tyme Trading Post

Antiques / Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Olde-Tyme-Trading-Post-and-Silo-Ice-Cream/150919334938608Yesterday I talked about the dual roadside highlight, focusing on the silo. Here is the other half of the ice cream shop / antique store, the Olde Tyme Trading Post. Same location and hours as the Silo and Judy is at that one too.  From the antique marquees, coin operated kiddie rides like the model T, a rocket ship and the carousel horse, to the American life paraphernalia that fill ever crevice, it is nothing short of an homage to the northern nostalgic yesteryear. If you are a lover of collectibles, old books and magazines, clothing, antiquities, dishes and used furniture, you have to put this place on your list. With a weekend flea market, tourist info and sticking true to the trading post style; buying and selling, it’s hard to pass up. So, stop over, grab an ice cream cone and give it a walk through.

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