Cheese Curds

Events, Food & Drink / Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

I’ve spent this week talking about all the great places and things to try at the Minnesota State Fair but, I haven’t told you what my top-of-the-list, get’um every time, so good you cant have just one, hoard them and never share, State Fair food is. Cheese Curds. I can’t even talk about them without salivating. Chris, from Lift Bridge, shares this same adoration for the deep-fried Midwestern delicacy, next to Farm Girl, that is. Squeaky cheese covered in batter, deep fried and served hot, what could be better? No really, I’m asking .If there is something better, tell me and I’ll go find it. While fried cheese is served all over, including Brazil, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey – I am partial to the North Country carnival version. They are more than a staple here, it is a tie to Minnesota’s agricultural heritage!

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