Afton State Park

If you’re in the #eastern #suburbs of #Minnesota, you probably already know about #AftonStatePark. If not, it’s a #beautiful, right off the #StCroixRiver (a #tributary of the #MississippiRiver) in #Hastings. Because it’s a #glacialmoraine its best features are #unique, Filled with glacial debris, it’s rugged and has a #vertical blufftop that drops 300 feet – which means it has a pretty great view. It’s a good place to spend the day whether you’re looking to #hike, #backpack, bike, have a #picnic, camp or hang out on the #beach (that’s kind of my thing). Also, Afton is a great place in the #winter as they have #crosscountryskiing and #snowshoeing. Interesting fact? They got quite a bit of press in 2011 when, while the State Parks were abandoned during the government shutdown, the park was vandalized and 12 people were taken into custody.

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