Spot Lite Bar and Grill

Food & Drink / Saturday, November 12th, 2016

After a long week, I thought we could all use a night out. Let’s head over to a place with great beer, smooth spirits and an even better atmosphere. I give you, the SpotLite Bar and Grill off 6th Street in Hawley. A local watering hole if there ever was one, SpotLite is located in the older part of town and is the place for burgers, pool, music, bingo and even to see UFC fights. It’s kitty corner from the water tower and with their checkerboard ceiling, it’s the perfect place to end up in. P.S. Every one of those bottle pourers are symmetrical. It warms my OCD-ridden heart. Oh, I almost forgot! When you go, look for the little statue of Ralphie from a Christmas Story, he’s right above the bar.

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