Spoon and Stable

Food & Drink / Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Ever go past a place and think; I could never go there, it’s too busy! There would be no room! I’m not dressed up enough! Well, to tell you the truth, Spoon and Stable was that place for me. For longer than I care to tell. Until a few weeks ago, that is. I happened to be in the North Loop (Minneapolis) looking for one of the ever-so-popular NORTH hats from Askov Finlayson with a few of my friends and it was suggested, since it happened to be across the street, we have dinner at Spoon and Stable. The quick thoughts of crowds and my lack of proper attire washed over me but I took a chance. Thankfully.

All Photos By By Rebecca Studios

The four star, gorgeously illuminated, former horse stable dates back to 1906, but you wouldn’t guess it. It’s no wonder why they won Star Tribune’s Restaurant of the Year, I mean, just take a look at their Instagram. Gush. The highest of high ceiling met with the longest of long bar, I just about asked to move in. The ambiance was so amazing, in fact, that I had to split this into two post just to give you the full effect. They have a synergy series and are soon to host the casting call for Top Chef. It isn’t much of a surprise as Owner, and Chef Gavin Kaysen, who has his own James Beard award also has a number of other very talented staff on had like Pastry Chef Diane Yang and Chef de Cuisine Christopher Nye. If you’re like me and all this screams, busy and crowded, let me reassure you. Go in an off hour and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Onto the food, because let’s be real, that’s why I go to these places. The food at Spoon and Stable is beautifully plated, cooked with seasonality in mind and brought with the utmost care.  We were much less refined. We pulled a few tables together, asked our Server his top recommendations and tried EVERYTHING. Wild Mushroom Soup, and Crispy Potatoes, check! Sweet Potato Agnolotti and the biggest Pork Chop we’d ever seen, check – check! And the finale, Lime Curd with Mandarin Sorbet, Honey and Cream Cake and Amaretto Crème Caramel. My gluttonous heart, triple check. The only thing that wasn’t great, the table next to us got to play with cotton candy. I have never been so jealous in all my life.

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