Grant House Hotel and Eatery

Located in Rush City and housed in a restored 19th-century tavern is the Grant House Hotel and Eatery. The original Grant House Hotel was built in 1880 by Colonel Russell H. Grant, second-cousin to Ulysses S. Grant. Majestic, it stood until 1895 when a fire destroyed it. Burnt to the ground just a handful of years after its construction, it was rebuilt by Grant in 1896. Since then, the interior of the Grant House has been beautifully restored, featuring 11 turn-of-the-century rooms with modern amenities. Stylish, charming, individually-decorated rooms full of period-specific touches.

Over the years, many travelers and businesspeople came by rail (or in later years by Greyhound) because it was a good midway point between Duluth and the Twin Cities. The Grant also has a laid-back downstairs restaurant (open 7 days a week), that feels like your grandma’s kitchen. It’s the perfect place for brunch on the way to the north shore!

Interesting side note. The building itself has a darker past, with tales being told of the days where the hotel operated as a bordello and a haven for bootleggers. At the corner of 4th Street and Bremer, the three story hotel is said to be home to the paranormal. Reports range from ghostly laughter and voices, footsteps, furniture being shifted around rooms at night to the apparition of a woman who appears behind guests in mirrors.

Minneapolis Holiday Boutique

‘Tis the season for winter markets! I am all for shopping locally and that extends to gift-giving as well. And I’ll always look for any excuse to get into the holiday spirit!

This one is the Minneapolis Holiday Boutique at the U.S. Bank Stadium. Filled with shopping, music and the football game playing in the background, appeasing even the most faithful Viking fan. I came to visit my friends at Minnesota Made and check out their collection.

Any boutiques, events, bazaars, markets or other winter experiences you are excited for? Feel free to share!

Chester Park

How quickly the weather can change here in Minnesota. This #mnbucketlist stop is a perfect example of that. It was only a few short weeks ago that I was hiking through Chester Park in Duluth. A park that straddles both sides of a wooded ravine that contains Chester Creek, one of the 28 streams that flow through the city of Duluth. The ravine opens at the top into a wide, wooded, “bowl”-shaped valley known as Chester Bowl.  Located between University of Minnesota, Duluth and St. Scholastica and right off Skyline Drive, Chester Bowl has 2.5 miles of hiking trails. I wasn’t there for the ski area, ski jumps, pond, or soccer field but they are there. The parks ski jumps were previously used to train Olympic ski jumpers but were torn down in August of 2014 as they were deemed safety hazards. I came to hike, take in the leaves changing, and to explore Chester Creek. Have you had a chance to check out this park? Any other Duluth must-see’s that are your favorites?