Ye Old Pickle Factory

Food & Drink / Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Ye Old Pickle Factory, simply “The Pickle” to locals and the summer mainstays, is a bar and tavern in Nisswa.
Close to the Paul Bunyan trail, it attracts large crowds on the weekends and evenings regardless of the season.
Snowmobilers in the winter and softball and patio sunset-watching in the summer.
Since it’s winter (for a bit longer), opt for a game of pool or pinball, or hunker down with a fist full of pull tabs all while you fill up on deep fried pickles, Heggie’s pizza and popcorn.
If that’s all too tame for you, ask for the Pickle’s famous gizzards pickles and curds. My tastebuds are not that brave.
Do watch where you step, the floor is covered in peanut shells and deflated pull tab dreams.

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