Ideal Diner

Food & Drink / Monday, July 30th, 2018

It’s hard to pass up Ideal Diners vibrant marque off Central Avenue.
This Northeast Minneapolis landmark was built in 1949, touting iconic slogans like, “where regular people feel special, and special people feel regular” and “14 Stools, 1 Counter, No Bathroom.”
Both irrevocably true.
For decades, Ideal has been THE quintessential city breakfast spot.
Owned by former Ideal Diner employee Kim Robinson, who had been a waitress there for over 20 years (her mother also worked at the diner, for 43 years), Ideal has amassed a huge following of faithful patrons.
What can you expect?
Tight quarters, open kitchen, long counter, no-apologies waitresses, and a glorious line up of made-to-order favorites that include corned beef hash, pancakes, and chili omelets.
Ever been?

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