GB Leighton’s Pickle Park (Soon to be The Park)

Events, Food & Drink / Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

GB Leighton’s Pickle Park, soon to be The Park, is up next on the #mnbucketlist. In Fridley just off University, it was inspired by Brian “G.B.” Leighton (Minnesota native hometown rocker) and a song on his first album, you guessed it, “Pickle Park”. The restaurant slash bar slash music venue has a self-described “rock club meets sports bar vibe” which isn’t that far off given the 32-foot replica Gibson guitar mounted to the ceiling over the main bar. They are famous for their extra, extra bottle service, coverage of different pay per view events, and significantly bigger stage for live music than other venues. Host bands like Sevendust, Skidrow, Firehouse and even Hinder (who I just saw), a much wider range than you’d expect. Billiards, DJ nights, Karaoke, Bingo… The Park doesn’t fall short in the entertainment department. Ok, skipping ahead to my favorite part – the food. Everything from salads, ribs, burgers, fajitas, pastas… I’m salivating just thinking about it. Oh, when you go – get the Guitar Strings (onion strings) and the Fender Benders (potato skins). They have a lot of change going on too. As the place used to be primarily cover bands, they are moving towards focusing on supporting local original music as seen through their events like Battle of the Bands and their commitment to using local, original artists to open for touring national artists. If you want to check them out for yourself, I recommend going to the 93x launch of the Lift Bridge beer, Brotherhood on March 26th!

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