Hai Hai

Food & Drink / Sunday, July 14th, 2019

If you haven’t been introduced to Hai Hai, the newest venture from the creators of Hola Arepa, allow me.

Since its opening off University in NE Minneapolis, Hai Hai has become THE hot spot.

The name Hai Hai is Vietnamese for “two two,” as in, the Double Deuce. It’s a homage to the buildings former tenants Nordeast fixture called 22nd Avenue Station or “the Double Deuce,” a divey, skeezy strip joint that exited a few years ago.

Filled with eclectic and culturally rich flavors of Southeast Asian street food, it is a stand-out for hard-to-find paired ingredients, concocted dishes, and refreshingly unique craft cocktails.

Fusion is emulated everywhere, including the food. 

You’ll find things like pho corned beef benedict and Vietnamese iced coffee with coconut rum and cinnamon. 

Hai Hai serves up paradise-evoking nutriment that will have you feeling as though you’ve been transported to Bali. 

The Conde-Nast-meets-tropics-trendy atmosphere comes complete with bold colors, patterned wallpaper, birdcages, and greenery, from the menu to ceiling. 

Side note; They don’t take reservations for fewer than six people and won’t seat incomplete parties, so plan ahead. 

Not to oversell it but the experience of the patio alone is worth the wait.

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