2018 Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener

Events / Monday, October 29th, 2018

The Governors Pheasant Hunting Opener (#MNGPHO2018) is one of my favorite events of the year.

It brings much of what I love about Minnesota together;

allowing you to brave the crisp, morning air, feel the warmth release and rise from the covered ground as you quietly make your way across the field, while the wind rustles the tall prairie grass around you.

Held in Luverne, the eighth #MNGPHO was no different.

Hunting is a longstanding tradition in Minnesota, confirmed by the stories told in a small town bar.

It’s more than that, though.

Ultimately it is being part of and experiencing nature that is our longstanding tradition here in Minnesota.

I was lucky enough to spend my morning, doing just that.

A big thank you to Luverne for being so welcoming.

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