Take 16 Brewing Co.

One of the last places I stopped during the #MNPHO2018 was Take 16 Brewing.
Housed in a former auto parts store and auto repair shop, Luverne’s first-ever brewery is named for old Highway 16 that connected Detroit to Yellowstone National Park.
The highway was established in 1926 and was the main traffic route west and ran through Luverne before the Interstate system was built.
Take 16 began as a conversation between friends in July 2012, and later was funded by 60 community investors and a volunteer board of directors.
It has since grown to include beers that pay homage to the area like Luverne Lager, and a special brew released to celebrate the MN Governer’s Pheasant Opener, the Pheasant Phestbier.

If you are in the area and are looking for modern meets small-town nostalgia, stop in to Take 16.

JJ’s Tasty Drive-In

As soon as I got into Luverne for the Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener (#MNGPHO2018), I passed by an old would-be drive-in.
After a few events, and coaxing from friends (I’m looking at you, Greta!), I headed over to JJ’s Tasty Drive-In.
Mom-and-pop establishment, check. Treasured local dive, check. Malts so thick you could eat them with a fork, check. JJ’s hits all the marks of a good, old-fashioned, Minnesota drive-in.

To top it off, JJ’s has an unsuspecting, old Harley perched on the top of the counter.
Whether you are craving a pineapple sundae or a hot fudge malt, onion rings or shoestring French fries, or all the above, find your way to JJ’s. I am a root beer float kind of gal myself but I have become partial to JJ’s marshmallow shake.
Helpful hint: they only take cash so come prepared!

2018 Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener

The Governors Pheasant Hunting Opener (#MNGPHO2018) is one of my favorite events of the year.

It brings much of what I love about Minnesota together;

allowing you to brave the crisp, morning air, feel the warmth release and rise from the covered ground as you quietly make your way across the field, while the wind rustles the tall prairie grass around you.

Held in Luverne, the eighth #MNGPHO was no different.

Hunting is a longstanding tradition in Minnesota, confirmed by the stories told in a small town bar.

It’s more than that, though.

Ultimately it is being part of and experiencing nature that is our longstanding tradition here in Minnesota.

I was lucky enough to spend my morning, doing just that.

A big thank you to Luverne for being so welcoming.

Herreid Military Museum

During the #MNGPHO2018, I headed over the Rock County Veterans Memorial Building which houses Brandenburg Gallery, and the Luverne Chamber of Commerce, and the Herreid Military Museum.

The Herreid opened in July 2009 and is located on the third level of the four-story former jail.

Floors filled with stories, photos, videos, artifacts, memorabilia, and dioramas about Rock County veterans who served in World War II.

Large-scale displays with helmets, newspapers, invitations, maps, flags, patches, rifles, shells, books, personal effects, bayonets, and medals.

There is even a mannequin wearing the uniform of a German soldier.

The museum was created to highlight the WWII veterans that were made popular in Ken Burns’ documentary THE WAR.
THE WAR told the story of four American towns.
Luverne was one of the four Burns chose after he watched a PBS documentary about Quentin Aanenson, a Luverne native who documented his service in the Army Air Corps during WWII serving as a Thunderbolt pilot in the European Theatre.

Aanenson’s artifacts are on display in the museum.
There are also exhibits of military service including World War I, II, the Civil War, Spanish-American War, Korean War, Vietnam, Cold War and the War on Terror.

The Herreid Military Museum, 213 E. Luverne St., is open from 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday, and from 10am – 5pm on Saturday.