Food & Drink / Saturday, June 17th, 2017

We need to talk about Lindey’s in Arden Hills. Have you been here?! A short distance from Bethel University, Lindey’s isn’t just a throwback to a northwoods, 1950’s supper club – it IS a northwoods, 1950’s supper club. The location, a product of those begotten years, with it’s mid-century cabin decor, knotted-cedar paneling, and stone fireplace hasn’t changed much in more than half a century.

So the story goes, Lewis Walter “Lindey” Lindemer spent years trying to find a Minnesota restaurateur, from Stillwater to Shakopee, who would serve his steaks in their establishments. He finally found favor it Heinei Borndale, owner and operator of the Coronodo Café and the Rathskeeler (in the basement), on the corner of University and Snelling in St. Paul. When the Wagon Wheel, a tucked away eatery on the side of a hill in Arden Hills came up for sale, he jumped at the chance to open his own restaurant. Paying $200 cash as a down payment, Lindey’s was opened in the spring of 1961. Today, Lindey’s is family owned and run by the second generation of Lindemer’s. Still serving up those steaks, prepared with the exact recipes created by Lindey himself almost 60 years later.

Their menu is unlike the rest – refreshingly simple. With a slogan and web address like “the place for steak,” it doesn’t come as much surprise that your choice is steak, steak, shrimp or steak. And I’m not exaggerating.  At dinner, you can get Lindey’s special sirloin, prime sirloin, broiled shrimp, or prime chopped sirloin. Each coming with salad and specially blended dressing, a greaseless hash-browned potato platter, toasted garlic bread, and sweet pickled watermelon rind. They have Muddy Paws cheesecake or one of their alcoholic “ice cream drinks” for dessert!

Many patrons have been going to Lindey’s at least once a year, for their whole life. I know, because as soon as I mention Lindey’s, the gushing begins about their birthday club. Sign up for their birthday club and list and every year you will receive a postcard in the mail for $25 off your meal, turning even first time visitors into regulars.

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