Jordan Supper Club and Tap Room

Located just south of Jordan in St. Lawrence Township, the Jordan Supper Club and Tap Room opened in early January 2016. In a recently renovated 11,000 square feet former OK Corral, just off of Highway 169, The Club features two different concepts: a Supper Club, and a Tap Room. The supper club idea became popular in the 1930’s-40’s, often located on the edge of town, a remnant of a time when people dressed up to go to dinner and stayed all night smoking, dancing and laughing. While they have decreased in numbers, the need for this sort of home away from home is still there. Serving up dishes like steaks, chicken and seafood – my favorite being the maple butter with popovers. On the other side, the Tap Room has 16 beers on tap, and is brewing their own handcrafted hard cider from the local apple orchards and farms. It is also filled with pool tables, dart boards, bingo, pull-tabs and fireplace inside and volleyball leagues on two professional courts outside. A great new stop in the southwest metro region, worth checking out.

The Feed Mill

Photos by By Rebecca Studios

I get asked often about coming out to bucket listing with me – whether it be new places, old favorites, hidden gems, or adventure trips. Because I can’t do this alone, and often it’s with the help of my best friends, last week we decided totry something different…we made our next bucket list dinner an open invitation. I posted to anyone and everyone who has ever been interested in the bucket list to come along to The Feed Mill in Jordan and be part of the experience.

Venturing outside of the Metro, it only seemed appropriate to find a place with local flare, décor that pays homage to the city and has a name that is reflective of its residents history. Built in 1898 as a ‘water-powered grist mill’, the name sticks. Becoming a restaurant in 1974, it has maintained itself as a Water Street staple and a native favorite. Interesting fact: the city risked losing the Feed Mill as the owners who had held on to the place as of 2003 put it on the market and closed early last year. Luckily, it was reopened in the fall of 2015. The new owner, Jeff McCarthy (and his wife, Sue – both pictured) previously worked at Shakopee’s very mom-and-pop restaurant, Wampach’s. Known for their onion rings and fried chicken, they also kept the past owners tradition, offering Czech soup Vomacka, a huge favorite of mine. It overlooks Sand Creek and is just a few blocks from Lagoon Park where there is an adjacent waterfall.

If the idea of impromptu dinners is something of interest to you, keep checking back as they will only be posted to the Minnesota Bucket List facebook page as a status, not an event.

#MNBucketList Presents: Candy + Apples

Thank you so much to everyone that came out for #MNBucketList_CandyApples!

Mount Moriah Cemetery

Mount MoriahWith over 6,000 cemeteries scattered throughout Minnesota, it’s easy to understand why some of them would end up on the #mnbucketlist. I happened upon this one, Mount Moriah Cemetery, while driving down a back road near Jordan. Perched on top of a hill, the beautiful little family plot was backlit by what would end up being an unbelievable sunset. It shares its namesake with two other more well knowns’, one in South Dakota where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are buried in Deadwood. The other in Philadelphia, filled with lots of notables and civil war soldiers. This one, a little less prestigious but just as sweet, is off the beaten path, just down the road from the Minnesota Harvest apple farm.

Sponsel’s Minnesota Harvest

Minnesota Harvest The next placed on the bucket list is actually a very interesting place, so interesting it needs two posts! It’s somewhere that I have actually gone to the last couple of years and it’s been different every single year. It’s Sponsel’s Minnesota Harvest apple orchard. Its in Jordan near the Minnesota’s largest candy store, that I’ve posted about before. You can pick your own apples. There are actually two parts, there’s inside and there’s outside. The outside is the perfect place to bring your kids; there’s a barnyard with a petting zoo, a kid friendly wagon train, pony rides, a playground, a sunflower maze and you can even try the Apple launcher!

10653429_838351256205250_8950647221089131725_nAnd for the inside, Minnesota Harvest has the Apple Lodge. You can buy pumpkins, honey, Apples, etc. They also have apple tasting, live music, a bakery, bar and even an event center where you can have your wedding which, ironically enough, I stumbled on another one (I’m kind of a magnet for these things.) So, if you’re looking for somewhere to go this fall just to get out of the house or get your pumpkins or just find something that you can take your kids to this is the perfect place.

Jim’s Apple Farm / Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

Jim's Apple Farm  Oh for the love of nostalgia and sugar! Jim’s Apple Farm is home of Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store. You might not have heard of it, but if you drive 169 in Jordan, MN – you’ve seen it. It’s an enormous, sunny yellow airplane hanger-esque building on the side of the road.

It’s my absolute go-to place to bring visitors! They have fresh pie all summer, apple tasting (just in case you don’t have a favorite yet!) and pumpkins in October. This place needs to be on your bucket list. Inside will blow your mind.

MN Largest Candy StoreThere are themed areas where everything follows suit. Ex. Bacon area consists of bacon flavored EVERYTHING. The Hospital area consists of bubblegum bandages, gummy blood… Etc.

MN Largest Candy Store 2Other areas; pasta, maple syrup, taffy, movie theater, vanity, spicy… You get the idea. They also have local meats, home canned jams and jellies, baking supplies, a zillion kinds of#licorice, even more kinds of pop / soda. As if it weren’t full enough, the ceiling is covered in puzzles you can buy, too!