Jordan Supper Club and Tap Room

Located just south of Jordan in St. Lawrence Township, the Jordan Supper Club and Tap Room opened in early January 2016. In a recently renovated 11,000 square feet former OK Corral, just off of Highway 169, The Club features two different concepts: a Supper Club, and a Tap Room. The supper club idea became popular in the 1930’s-40’s, often located on the edge of town, a remnant of a time when people dressed up to go to dinner and stayed all night smoking, dancing and laughing. While they have decreased in numbers, the need for this sort of home away from home is still there. Serving up dishes like steaks, chicken and seafood – my favorite being the maple butter with popovers. On the other side, the Tap Room has 16 beers on tap, and is brewing their own handcrafted hard cider from the local apple orchards and farms. It is also filled with pool tables, dart boards, bingo, pull-tabs and fireplace inside and volleyball leagues on two professional courts outside. A great new stop in the southwest metro region, worth checking out.



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