The Feed Mill

Food & Drink / Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Photos by By Rebecca Studios

I get asked often about coming out to bucket listing with me – whether it be new places, old favorites, hidden gems, or adventure trips. Because I can’t do this alone, and often it’s with the help of my best friends, last week we decided totry something different…we made our next bucket list dinner an open invitation. I posted to anyone and everyone who has ever been interested in the bucket list to come along to The Feed Mill in Jordan and be part of the experience.

Venturing outside of the Metro, it only seemed appropriate to find a place with local flare, décor that pays homage to the city and has a name that is reflective of its residents history. Built in 1898 as a ‘water-powered grist mill’, the name sticks. Becoming a restaurant in 1974, it has maintained itself as a Water Street staple and a native favorite. Interesting fact: the city risked losing the Feed Mill as the owners who had held on to the place as of 2003 put it on the market and closed early last year. Luckily, it was reopened in the fall of 2015. The new owner, Jeff McCarthy (and his wife, Sue – both pictured) previously worked at Shakopee’s very mom-and-pop restaurant, Wampach’s. Known for their onion rings and fried chicken, they also kept the past owners tradition, offering Czech soup Vomacka, a huge favorite of mine. It overlooks Sand Creek and is just a few blocks from Lagoon Park where there is an adjacent waterfall.

If the idea of impromptu dinners is something of interest to you, keep checking back as they will only be posted to the Minnesota Bucket List facebook page as a status, not an event.

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