Tally’s Dockside

Food & Drink / Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

The first stay on the #MNBucketListRoadTrip is White Bear Lake – and it should be noted that one of the perks to staying the night somewhere is that you can go out and unwind with friends; have a drink, away from home and still have a place to go (or stumble, I’m not here to judge) safely back to. So, right out of the gate, I headed to Tally’s Dockside. I mean, the town has “Lake” in the title, so I set out to find waterfront. Rustic, carefree and full of life and color, Tally’s has been around a while. A quintessential ‘summer playground’ on all accounts, the place has been around since 1939 during the ‘resort era of White Bear Lake’. First named Anchor Inn, then Tally’s Anchor Inn and finally Tally’s Dockside, it’s one of the last places you can rent a boat and a motor or purchase live bait on the lake. Yep, a bar and a boat rental. Snag a pontoon, fishing boat, paddle board, kayak or a canoe for the day and then come back and pull up a seat at the big outdoor bar and watch the sun set on the Marina… Not a bad way to send a first night in town. I set up camp at the boat shaped bar and I had something called Voodoo Juice, which, lets be real, I could only handle one of. Fun fact, they hosted the 2009 Governor’s Fishing Opener and Shore Lunch, which was provided by CG Hooks Eatery, the Memphis-style restaurant they own on the other side of the street, which is where we are headed to next!

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