Doris A Kemp Park

Parks & Geology / Friday, June 19th, 2015

Doris Kemp ParkThe ‪Doris A Kemp Park‬, also known as ‪‎Veterans Memorial Park‬ in ‪Champlin‬, off ‪Highway‬ 169, is a small from a distance. It’s pretty likely that you may have noticed the ‪beautiful white ‪stone‬ ‪‎bridge‬ and ‪‎fountain and thought nothing of it. That bridge is that’s actually part of the park. Filled with a ‪gazebo, ‪picnic‬ areas, ‪‎fishing‬ (if there’s water), some ‪canoeing‬ and an ample amount of ‪‎wildlife‬. This is also a favorite location for ‪‎local‬ ‪photographers‬.

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