Anoka: The Halloween Capital of the World

AnokaIf you’re a #Halloween #holiday fan, like myself, plan to spend some time in #DowntownAnoka, specifically leading up the big day. With a rightful claim to fame as the #HalloweenCapitaloftheWorld, #Anoka deserves the accolade. From hosting one of the first #Halloweenparades in #1920, in an attempt to take the “trick” out of “#trickortreat”, to having its own website, dedicated to the holiday as a past time. With the town so immersed in its own #history, which I’ve spoken about in past posts, the weeks leading up to Halloween include a #parade, 5k run, #bonfire, #costume contests and the most notable, the #GrandDayParade on #mainstreet. If #modern day Halloween isn’t as much your thing, I suggest perusing some of the #antique stores to find #local #memorabilia from the years of hosting such a #celebration. Add this to your own #mnbucketlist on October 31st, the parade starts at 1 PM. [Big thanks to @thegoodwithin for getting to the mural, just off Main Street at Hwy 10]. As a sidenote, if you’re coming to the #SpookySuburbs #HappyHour [@minnesotahistoricalsociety] at the #MinnesotaHistoryCenter, there will be Anoka ambassadors that you can talk to.



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