Watt Munisotaram

Buildings & Architecture / Saturday, August 11th, 2018

In the middle of farmland, in a small town in southeastern Minnesota, sits one of the most unique, breathtaking and tender places you will find locally.
The Watt Munisotaram, a Cambodian Buddhist Temple in Hampton, is by far the most elaborately decorated and exquisitely encapsulating houses of faith I’ve ever seen, here or anywhere else that my travels have taken me.
Adorned with flowers, trinkets, tall statues, shrines, laced with gold filament and bright, bold beautiful colors, the Temple serves as a place where anyone, of any religion or path of spirituality, can come and learn about Buddhism.
They are open to the public and offer a chance to learn about Buddha’s life and also join in their festivities.
Last August was the Jade Buddha ceremony and just this April, they celebrated the Cambodian New Year.
I highly, highly recommend stopping there, whether it be by faith, or just to breath in this incredible place.

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