Deutschland Meats

Deutschland MeatsSticking with the Lindstrom theme: Deutschland Meats in Lindstrom is a family owned meat processing store that’s right off of Lake Boulevard. If you don’t know where it is, just look for the really huge sausage on the rooftop, not kidding. It’s across from the Lindstrom Bakery and kitty corner from the water tower that looks like a Teapot. This collective of store fronts and freestanding sculptures are pretty iconic to this area of Minnesota. Retro and dated on the outside, pretty empty on the inside. There wasn’t a whole lot of options. The meat-eaters that were with me noted that the teriyaki beef jerky was great, and so was the German sausage, bratwurst, pork and steaks. So if you’re ever in the area, it’s worth checking out, even if its only for the vintage ambience.

Lindstrom Bakery

Lindstrom BakerySince the last post about Lindstrom became more about the #pastry shop down the block than the actual water tower, I think I’ll have to do that next! Up next in the tundra of eastern Minnesota, comes today’s #MNbucketlist stop, the Lindstrom Bakery. The bakery, which is right next to the giant Swedish coffee pot (what goes better with baked goods than coffee?!) holds true to Lindstrom’s heritage offering up Scandinavian donuts and rosettes. The daily specials range from the sweet (almond cakes and cookies) to savory (rye and pumpernickel bread). It draws its charm from its European cultured old fashioned feel. I recommend stopping in early as they can sell out of the favorites fast.

Coffee Pot Water Tower / Frostop Rootbeer

WatertowerSince these two are some of Minnesota’s most unique roadside attractions, and being that they are about 10 miles apart, I will do them together. The first being the most iconic, Lindstrom’s Swedish Coffee Pot watertower that reads “Välkommen till Lindström” which is “Welcome to Lindstrom” in Swedish since nearly half the town’s descendants are from Sweden. The coffee pot is fitting since Swedes are known as big coffee drinkers. Another drink-related attraction is the Frostop Root Beer mug sign in nearby Taylors Falls. Located on Bench Street, its part of The DriveIn Restaurant. The restaurant itself open on July 5, 1956 and the rotating root beer mug sign was installed in 1963 where it remains today and still works! You can stop by to see it and enjoy a frosty mug of root beer and a hand-packed hamburger on fresh bakery buns. Have you seen either one of these?