Berry Sweet Kitchen

Truth be told, I’ve been a little down-for-the-count lately so I haven’t been able to post as often BUT getting back into the rhythm of things – I give you, The Berry Sweet Kitchen.

Photo Jan 13, 6 07 36 AM

Super casual, the Berry Sweet Kitchen serves south Minneapolis breakfast and lunch with a small, local feel. From the biggest, most filling banana French toast this side of the Mississippi, to the dessert case that looks like heaven, this place is a little hard to beat. Standing outside, looking in, I can tell you that they are much, much more than a breakfast dive joint lost in a neighborhood. The things that set them apart, you ask? Well, they make their own custom desserts (serious, there were chocolate covered strawberries that rival Godiva in that case!), bake all the food from scratch and they also source local, natural ingredients. Personal tip? Get the hot chocolate, you wont regret it. And I know these things – I am what you’d call a ‘Cocoa Connoisseur.’



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