Mr. Jimmy Bench

Mr Jimmy ExcelsiorToday’s #MNbucketlist addition is one of my personal favorites. The bench, so aptly named for a local celebrity in Excelsior. Here’s a little fun musical history you might not know. The roving town ambassador, known as Mr. Jimmy had attended a Rolling Stones concert in 1964 at the now gone Danceland Ballroom at the Excelsior Amusement Park. The next day Mick Jagger was at Bacon’s Drugstore in Excelsior when he encountered Jimmy, where he complained to Jagger that he had ordered a Cherry Coke but got a regular Coca Cola instead, then said, famously, “You can’t always get what you want.” Five years later, on their Let It Bleed album, the Stones released a song titled “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” with references to a drugstore, a cherry soda, a prescription, and as you may have guessed, “Mr. Jimmy”.



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