Coffee Pot Water Tower / Frostop Rootbeer

Historical & Museum / Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

WatertowerSince these two are some of Minnesota’s most unique roadside attractions, and being that they are about 10 miles apart, I will do them together. The first being the most iconic, Lindstrom’s Swedish Coffee Pot watertower that reads “Välkommen till Lindström” which is “Welcome to Lindstrom” in Swedish since nearly half the town’s descendants are from Sweden. The coffee pot is fitting since Swedes are known as big coffee drinkers. Another drink-related attraction is the Frostop Root Beer mug sign in nearby Taylors Falls. Located on Bench Street, its part of The DriveIn Restaurant. The restaurant itself open on July 5, 1956 and the rotating root beer mug sign was installed in 1963 where it remains today and still works! You can stop by to see it and enjoy a frosty mug of root beer and a hand-packed hamburger on fresh bakery buns. Have you seen either one of these?

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