Food & Drink / Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Housed in a vintage train car, Mickey’s has been around since 1939.
Opened by Mickey Crimmons and Bert Mattson,
the 20th century all-night diner has been featured in films like A Prairie Home Companion,
Jingle All the Way,
The Mighty Ducks,
and seen on shows with the likes Alton Brown, Rachel Ray, Al Roker, and Jesse Ventura.
Mickey’s is a ‘House rules: No Smoking, No Checks, No Take Out” meets, “Malts so thick you could eat them with a fork!” tribute to 70 years of Minnesota past.
The place has spanned three generations of family ownership,
keeping tradition with a row of lunch counter bar stools mounted parallel to its 10 train-style windows.

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