Countryside Restaurant of Motley

Food & Drink / Thursday, September 21st, 2017

If you love breakfast as much as I do, you may already know about Countryside Restaurant of Motley. If not, let me tell you about it. Big, fluffy, plate-sized pancakes, hashbrowns servings fit for a hungry trucker, hot coffee that keeps on coming, and that’s just the tip of the morning meal figurative iceberg. Breakfast isn’t all they serve up. Known for their bacon burgers, hot meatloaf sandwiches and and turtle cheesecake – they have something for everyone.  I’d come back for their pickle fries alone. I really love the place. It is family-style, with diner/supper club atmosphere. If you are headed up north, this solid sit-down is worth a stop. Have you ever been here before?


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