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Food & Drink / Friday, September 16th, 2016

September has always meant football, bonfires, shorter days, and the beginning of fall. It also means, for me specifically, the library and my nose stuck in a book. So, the ninth month of the year requires more coffee than I care to admit. With that, I had an idea. For the rest of September, I am taking you on a caffeine-filled adventure, all over Minnesota to give you some of my favorite java spots. Mud, ink, battery acid, varnish remover, Joe, fuel, or simply the hot beverage made from beans of a tree – call it what ever you like, its what’s up next on the #mnbucketlist. Bask in the newly-chilled air and follow along as I sip expresso, mocha, decaf, cappuccino, cold press and maybe even a few pumpkin spiced something-or-others.

First up: Urban Bean. I have a soft spot for open, quiet spaces when I study. Anywhere I can grab a really good pastry (especially from Patisserie 46 in Minneapolis) and a latte, I’m good to get started on my research. They even serve their lattes with an animal cracker! Complete with two locations, off Lyndale and West Lake, it’s a nice spot to dig into a good book while sipping on Intelligentsia and Four Barrel coffees. Urban Bean recently made waves based on their political stance and their tell-you-how-it-is attitude. The backlash has been heavy but they survived and lived to tell the tale!


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