Sinclair Lewis Gravesite

Historical & Museum / Thursday, June 30th, 2016

When I travel, my first instinct is to search for history, after finding food of course. The legacy and lives that we lived in these places I go. The last stop on my road trip is Sauk Center, the perfect place for someone enticed by roots and stories. Birthplace and childhood home of Sinclair Lewis, the Nobel Prize winning author who is so famous that not only did he end up on a postage stamp but his famed small-town manifesto, Main Street, upset a few people in the area so much so that it was eventually banned in Alexandria’s Public Library. The story, published in 1920 is about a town called Gopher Prairie that is based on Sauk Centre. If you ever drive through town, it won’t take long to to see the impression he made. Although he died in Italy, his cremated remains are laid to rest in the Greenwood Cemetery on the outskirts of Sauk Center.

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