Babock Memorial Park

Constructed in 1938-39, Babock Memorial Park‬ was named to commemorate Charles M. Babcock (1871-1936), who served as Minnesota’s first Commissioner of Highways and who initiated the “Babcock Plan,” which established the state trunk highway system. The project was announced in the January 20, 1938, issue of the Sherburne County Star News:

‪‎Elk River‬ is to have a large and attractive roadside park along the‪ ‎Mississippi River‬ east of town, to be known as the Babcock Memorial Park. . . . The park will be developed along rustic lines, with trails, stone picnic tables, fireplaces, rustic footbridges and other improvements. Native split stones will be used in the work and the whole scheme will blend in to the natural beauty of the scenery, with the small brook running through the park being used to good advantage (Sherburne County Star News, Jan. 20, 1938).

Pictured is that very brook.



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