Yellow Room / Amber Box (Guthrie)

Buildings & Architecture / Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Guthrie Yellow RoomSince the last week of my life has been almost exclusively filled with visual art, performing arts and applied art, it’s only appropriate that I’d pick something along all of those lines. At the Guthrie, on the same floor as the very intimate, Dowling Studio, is the Yellow Room also know as the Amber Box. It is above the iconic Endless bridge, which is already high up. You can see St Anthony falls, the Stone Arch Bridge, Mill City, Gold Medal Park, etc. It’s an incredible thing to see as (clearly) the windows are tinted yellow. What I love about this spot, or any spot like this, is that it gives the viewer a very different perspective. What you see here is somehow observationally different than that of what you see just a new floors below.

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