Wise Acre Eatery

Two weeks ago, I and a few friends crossed off the Wise Acre Eatery from the #mnbucketlist before heading over the Museum of Russian Art in south Minneapolis. Off Nicollet South, Wise Acre is a family-farm-to-table restaurant that looks like a cross between a backyard party and an industrial car service station. Housed in a former treat parlor called Liberty Custard, the owners of Tangletown Gardens quickly bought it up and kept the 1950s-era Standard Oil station atmosphere as well as the custard. The big, grand garage doors in the front are a dead giveaway – which open, by the way, into a small patio where you can hang out on nice days. Food sourced from the Engelmann family farm in Plato, bakery favorites from Bars Bakery in St. Paul, coffee beans from Bull Run… I mean, how could you go wrong?! It’s a brunch-y, home-like but busy kind of place where you can also get things like local cookbooks, and things straight off the farm like bacon, dairy, butter, soups and even frozen custard. If you are looking for an excuse to try it, they are having a Mother’s Day brunch. Hint, hint!

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