Honey & Mackie’s

Food & Drink / Thursday, August 11th, 2016

The next ice cream stop on the #mnbucketlist is Honey and Mackie’s in Plymouth and it has been on my list since it opened. Oh goodness, look at that… It’s adorable, for starters, with pictures of kids who love their ice cream on the walls. It also incorporates two of my favorite things; big, huge ice cream cones and massive amounts of fries. What could be better than that?! So maybe Chicago dogs are more your thing, that’s cool, ‘cause they got those, too! The name has a really cute story behind it (hint: both nicknames), you should stop by, grab a cone and read about it. Even DeRusha has been here. They have lots of rotating flavors like coffee, chocolate chunk, cinnamon sugar, mini donut, etc. and are open in the winter, so you have ample opportunity to check them out. 

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