CLOSED: St. Croix Antiquarian Booksellers

Bookstore / Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

St. Croix Antiquarian Booksellers, or simply, St. Croix Books. You might know it as Goodman Gary Bookseller, too. Or hey maybe The Goodman Theatre, or Loome Booksellers… Well, they are all connected but I just want to talk about one. St. Croix Antiquarian Booksellers had been owned by Gary Goodman (who is really nice, by the way) for the last 25 years, a former psychiatric counselor who just decided one day to buy a used bookstore 33 years ago. Going into business with a few Stillwater notables, they moved the store to a former appliance shop, where it now resides. They later expanded by opening Stillwater Book Center and sponsored Midtown Book Center. The Antiquarian focuses on buying and selling used, rare, and out-of-print books and have an incredible collection of original, hand-colored 19th-century architectural maps and drawings from around the world. Books on everything from golf and cars from the 1930’s to Hunting and Fishing, Decorative Arts, History, Military, and Western Americana. My favorite is the entire section of rare Minnesota History books. Interesting personal tidbit, this store has such significance to me that my first attempt at blogging was named The Antiquarian’s Personage, culled from my love of this place. Sadly, the shop was put on the market last summer and is currently looking for a new owner. Asking price, $625,000.

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