The Minnesota Honey Company 

Food & Drink, Retail / Monday, February 29th, 2016

Photos by By Rebecca Studios

Since today is Leap Day, and it only comes once every four years, I thought I would talk about a #mnbucketlist place that is equally as exceptional. Honey is so much more than a term of endearment here in Minnesota. It’s a staple and a necessity. We need bees and they need us to care, and it takes people like Kelley and Deborah Flanders who knew the value was so great that they risked it all by selling their farm and bees to open a shop that would focus on locally-sourced and hive-based honey products. Opened since the fall of 2013, located in the Fulton Neighborhood at 50th and Xerxes, The Minnesota Honey Company has made quite a name for itself. Featured in the Pioneer Press and Southwest Journal, they showcase how versatile and amazing honey really is. From honey infusions, to carrying the U of M Bee Lab brand and flavored honey sticks (that Kelley was kind enough to show me the grab-and-go method with), MN Honey staff can tell you all about the multi-uses like beauty masks, home remedies, cocktails, salad dressing, jam, fruit sauces and ice cream toppings. My personal favorite is the Whipped Peach Honey on toast, but hey! I’m not a honey snob, you can put yours in tea or something. They do have an online shop but I suggest stopping into the store to see the vintage honey ceramics and deviled egg plate collections.


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