Hairy Mosquito Trading Co.

Antiques, Events, Food & Drink / Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

The Hairy Mosquito Trading Company is crazy, eclectic, dare-I-say cooky, ice cream shop and trading post in Milaca.
It’s easy to spot, just look for the large home-made metal mosquito sculpture squatting outside.
Inside, you’ll find old-fashioned ice cream, sundaes, banana splits, ice cold drinks, nostalgic candy favorites such as rock candy, wax lips, Necco wafers, whirly pops, salt water taffy, pop rocks, fun dip, Lemonheads, and bit-o-honey.
Find your way to the back of the shop and check out the collectibles, oddities, trinkets, bear rugs, teeth, one-of-a-kinds and more.
You can also explore the grounds and see all the different buildings full of antiques, crafts, vintage furniture, barn wood, windows, doors, and tools.
If that wasn’t enough – they even hold a party called The Bloodsucker’s Bash every September!

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