The Village Square

Food & Drink / Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Village Square Restaurant

If you’ve never heard of Harmony, Minnesota, I’m not at all surprised. It sits flush with the Minnesota/Iowa State Line in the southeast corner. I was there a few months back with my favorite traveling bucket listing buddy, Alyse.  Our plan was to go to the Niagara Cave  and, because it’s located just a few miles away from downtown Harmony, we’d explore the town and find food.

Enticed by the hilarious sign and the candy cane colored awning out front, we decided to check The Village Square of Harmony Restaurant off the #mnbucketlist. We got more looks than you could imagine, taking pictures of the place, our food, and making a spectacle of ourselves, as usual. Our very sweet, very nice waitress didn’t mind at all. She told us all about Julie’s famous homemade pies (Julie Barrett is the owner, so it’s not like Aunt Jemima or Betty Crocker, she is legit) and while the local favorites are beer battered French fries, homemade soups, pizza and the Juju Burger, we tried the cheese curds and pie. Making their debut on multicolored plates, black raspberry rhubarb and Dutch peach made their way to the table. They have countless options as far as their menu goes, which isn’t what you would typically expect from a smaller town hot spot. They are currently closed for the season, but will reopen in April, if you want to plan a trip!

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