Minnstameets x St Paul Winter Carnival

Events / Friday, February 5th, 2016

This past Wednesday was Minnstameet’s Instameet, #Minnstameets_SPWinterCarnival2016. Although the St Paul Winter Carnival is held in Rice Park, we were able to hang out in the very beautiful Landmark Center. We received a private warm-up and reception room, an exclusive meet and greet with the Royal Family (read about the Legend some time, it’s cute), access passes to the King’s Throne and Carnival gear! With our access pass, cocoa and cookies in hand, we ventured around the building taking pictures then out into the cold to see the incredible Kings Throne room in the Ice Palace. Complete with illuminated ice sculptures, live entertainment, vendor booths and an ice bar! The St Paul Winter Carnival includes the Ice Palace, a tradition since 1886. There are tons of things going on at the Carnival too, like the Pabst Winter Carnival Music Series, Vulcan Victory Torchlight Parade, the 7th annual Beer Dabbler and Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt. The St Paul Winter Carnival. So grab your Pabst, Summit or Cannon River Winery and take a chill walk around the park!

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