The Holidays

Holidays / Monday, December 28th, 2015

Photo Dec 28, 12 34 35 PMToday’s post is a little different. I asked Dani to come home with me for the holidays as she has become part of my family, as a handful of incredible people in my life have over the past year (you’ll see them riddled throughout my page). Today, as a recap, I asked her to post instead of me:

Christmas, holidays rather, haven’t exactly been my favorite, especially being 28 and 400 miles from home. This year, my views on holidays and family did a complete 180. I was so fortunate to spend my holiday with a group of friends I met just a year ago that have quickly become family. These are some of the most accepting, loving, intelligent, talented, and beautiful individuals I have ever met. Our Christmas didn’t consist of unwrapping hundreds of presents; instead we drank, we laughed, we had some heated debate, and most importantly we loved; just as the holidays should be. I couldn’t be luckier to have been accepted into this wonderful group and I look forward to many more “family gatherings” to come.

Don’t forget that people can come into your life at any time and change it for the better. From the cake truffles, to the Bienenstich, prime rib and cherry beer to the “I love you so much,” and the, “I am so glad you’re here’s,” – I hope that if this years holidays weren’t easy, that next years will be.

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