Minnstameets 2nd Annual Holiday Party

Last year was the ever-popular Seeking Dreamers , the first annual holiday party for Minnstameets, held at the Vandalia Towers. This years bash, #Minnstameets_HolidayParty2016, was at the historic Thorp Building. Hosted along side Tattersall Distilling, we were able to wander the halls while seeing a gallery of past exhibitions (if you were featured, you could have your art with a suggested donation to charity), check out a behind-the-scenes tour of the distillery, interface with the #InteractiveGrams photo-booth by Eliesa Johnson, Liz Hardt and Jess Ekstrand  and venture into makers studios like DschwenJoel Larson Studios and Lucy and Co. On hand were nutriment from Anelace CoffeeBrooks High food truck and Resqwater . Even Pudge the Cat  was there! And yes, I held her. #fangirl

Photos by Myself + By Rebecca Studios

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