What I’m Thankful and Grateful For This Year

Food & Drink / Thursday, November 26th, 2015

This year, I have a lot to be grateful and thankful for, as I imagine all of you are saying to yourself today, too. If you’ve followed for long, you know I’m a list person, and this Thanksgiving is no different.

I am thankful for:
· My people, my un-biological clan. The people who I can’t imagine my life without. And my family for enduring and supporting the craziness that is the MN Bucket List – and being such willing participants.
· New friends I’ve met because in true native Minnesotan fashion, it takes me a few ‘maybes’ to give a resounding, ‘yes’. The number of people who have come into my life and changed it for the better has been incomparable and remarkable.
· Partnerships and organizations that have come into my life because of the bucket list. That I have never had to ask or seek them out, that those who have shared my vision and focus and wanted to be part of this made their way to me. And the amazing people that I have met through them.
· The ability to be open to new places, thoughts, ideas and let myself become fluid to this incredible place.
· My education as I am a forever and ever student. I can’t help it, the whole universe interests me.
· That saying things like, “How could I have possibly gotten so lucky,” and, “You are unbelievably appreciated,” can literally change the course of any relationship in your life.
· Obama, for that letter (seriously Mom, so awesome).
· Every single sunset I chased because no matter how that day ended, I felt the warm sunlight on my face and I could know, even for a moment that I was here and never more grateful that I was alive.
· Moments of pure stupidity and humor with the people I love so much it hurts. For road trips, and breakfasts, and “I miss you, too’s.”

Other things I am also thankful for: good food, new books, singing show tunes with my favorite people, Apple products, manicures, finding new things to fall completely in love with, pouring over notebooks while listening to my Grandparents tell me about their lives and most of all, a strong internet connection.

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