Cafe Donuts and Kaleidoscoops

While desperately searching for a quick pick-me-up, I found Cafe Donuts and Kaleidoscoops in Champlin, just a block off Highway 169. Although it was completely unexpected,  it’s more than worth stopping in. I mean, all kinds of variation in ice cream, 32 varieties of donuts, AND coffee – what more could you want, really. They even have something called KaleidoChills – a frappe with a scoop of ice cream. Since I went looking for caffeine, I went straight for their iced Redbull, um… so awesome. Which I’m surprised didn’t leave me twitching. More than the array of sugary options and the energy drink induced jitters, Cafe Donuts and Kaleidoscoops is great because of the service. I can only speak for the location I stopped at but the gentleman behind the counter was a delight to talk to, and made my day. They have three different locations; Champlin, Maple Grove and Downtown Minneapolis.

Doris A Kemp Park

Doris Kemp ParkThe ‪Doris A Kemp Park‬, also known as ‪‎Veterans Memorial Park‬ in ‪Champlin‬, off ‪Highway‬ 169, is a small from a distance. It’s pretty likely that you may have noticed the ‪beautiful white ‪stone‬ ‪‎bridge‬ and ‪‎fountain and thought nothing of it. That bridge is that’s actually part of the park. Filled with a ‪gazebo, ‪picnic‬ areas, ‪‎fishing‬ (if there’s water), some ‪canoeing‬ and an ample amount of ‪‎wildlife‬. This is also a favorite location for ‪‎local‬ ‪photographers‬.

Mississippi Point Park

Mississippi Point Park A quick stop on the #mnbucketlist this time, in Champlin is Mississippi Point Park. Near the Doris Kemp Park it’s actually a little bit tough to get to if you don’t know where it is. Once you’re there off to the right is a beautiful little dam. Park near the boat launch just off the Mississippi River and you get a great view of the bridge that’s opposite of the Rum River dam in Anoka.